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What Gives Asians Yellow Undertones And Whites Pink Undertones?

And some asians are REALLY pale like white people, like no melanin, yet still have […]

Why Are The Majority Of Blacks And Asians Less Hairy Compared To Others?

I noticed alot of black and asians carry a similarity in not being hairy. I […]

How Come Asians Never Assimilate Into American Society?

Asians are racist, they hate every race that is not Asian equally. They drive Asian […]

What Is The Difference Between Asians In Hawaii And Those On The Mainland Usa?

Is there a difference between Asians (in general) on the mainland and those in Hawaii? […]

How Do Asians Get Free Government Benefits For Opening A Business?

I’m talking about Asians (or any other) that come to this country from their home […]

What Do Asians Feel Like When They Drink Alcohol Compared To Other People?

lets say an Asian and a white person drank some booze, what would be the […]

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